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Help Academy Award Nominated Director Frederick Marx continue the mission he began with Hoop Dreams of helping young boys in America grow up and realize their full potential in society.  Contribute to our campaign by clicking here

'The confusions that arise in young males... have created a ‘national crisis of boyhood.’  Stephen S. Hall, “The Troubled Life of Boys”, NY Times Magazine, Aug. 15, 1999.

What would you do if someone told you your son would never become a man?  That your nephew would never experience maturity? That your cousin or grandson would never know manhood, feel from the inside the beating heart of what it really means to be an adult male?  Well, it’s happening right now, in our country, today.  Millions of boys - black, white, Asian, Latino, rich and poor boys, good boys - smart, sensitive, and loving boys, vulnerable and open boys, are not fully growing up, are not accomplishing the transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Without initiation and mentorship, these boys will never know what is sacred about their own masculinity.  They’ll never know their own unique mission in life, they’ll never know what it is to serve family and community rather than self, they’ll never know their place in the order of things, the depths of their own greatness or the true limits of their own reach, and they’ll never know what an empowering gift their own feelings can be – how they can learn to master them through acceptance; how their tears, their shame, their anger and fear can ignite the fires of passion, and can actually set them free.  Boys Become Men is going to change all that.


“The mature Masculine must be reclaimed by the modern world. Its virtual absence from technologically advanced societies has resulted in one of the more serious moral crises ever to face Western civilization... In our world, genocide is barely noticed. Rape is used as an instrument of both pathological male self-expression and ethnic war... We tolerate planetary pollution... Violence is becoming the preferred solution to interpersonal disputes. In all this, we see evidence that mature Masculinity, in its fullness, has all but been forgotten, and that 'Boy Psychology' is prevalent.”

-Moore & Gillette 1990



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Boys to Men? NTSC DVD

Run Time: 143 minutes
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